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Goodnight Sonny – A NYC Proposal


April 17, 2024

NYC Proposal at Goodnight Sonny

Marriage proposals in New York tend to be some of my favorite things to photograph. Something about the grandness of this city, and yet, on every corner, there are a million stories to tell. A little gastropub that someone might walk passed every day, may be a place of pure romance and love for another. A location so intwined with that love that it is used to be a place of proposal.

A beautiful moment that two people will remember for the rest of their lives. Forever weaving a certain location into the tapestry of their love.

Which brings me to Mark and Lauren and their totem of love, Goodnight Sonny.

Mark reached out to me looking for an NYC proposal photographer and of course, I was happy to oblige.

When asked for NYC proposal ideas, I like to steer away from heavily trafficked areas for the special moment. Of course, you have your Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge Park proposals. I like it when proposals happen in a special and private place that means something to the couple.

Mark chose to propose at Goodnight Sonny’s NYC, a gastropub that held sentimental value for him and Lauren. I knew it would be the ideal place for the surprise proposal.

Mark and Lauren’s friends and family decorated the pub with adorable photos of the two from their time together. Little heart streamers with tiny polaroids of the couple. It makes my heart melt by how cute it was.

I love this marriage proposal idea. Simple and sweet. Quite literally.

So, we set up and waited for the lovely couple as they made their way to the pub. The tension was exciting, as it always is for a proposal. And, of course that tension paid off for the most perfect proposal.

Lauren came in and she was astonished by what she walked into. Completely taken aback as she just assumed they were just getting some afternoon cocktails. Not on this special afternoon.

The moment to pop the question came and being a proposal photography mastermind, I captured them delicately.

Moments like these, I don’t like to involve myself with the couple. Trying to keep the fly on the wall mindset. Merely observing, which honestly, I prefer over anything else.

After the deed was done and initial tears were shed, the family and friends of the beautiful couple began to fill up the bar.

Knowing how much thought and planning went into this proposal makes my heart warm. For marriage proposals in New York, this is definitely one I’ll always remember. And, it just shows me that they are going to have a lovely intimate wedding when their big day does come around.

So, at the end of the day, this little gastropub has become a core memory for Mark and Lauren. A place many others walk by every day on their way to or fro, will forever hold the spirit of their love.

The big apple is the city of stories. Millions of intimate little stories that make up the whole. I love this amazing city and feel immense privilege to be a part of other people’s stories. Documenting their love.

If you or any others are looking to have your own stunning proposal, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Let’s meet and create a moment that this city will remember forever. Even if it’s just in a small pub on a corner in East Village. Because, these stories, your stories are the heart of New York City.

With Love,


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