Weddings, like most amazing days, go by in a blur. Months (or years) of planning leads up to a celebration that lasts less than half a day. When choosing your wedding photographer, take care in selecting someone you feel understands you - someone who will document all your most precious moments, candids, and memories. Find someone that speaks to you on both a personal & emotional level.






Because when the cake is cut, the music is gone, and the flowers have dried, all you have left are your photos. I want nothing more than to capture images that mean the world to you and that you want to look at for the rest of your lives. No matter whom you end up booking, I encourage you choose someone whose photos make you feel all of the smiles, tears, and celebrations their images capture.




THEY ARE EVERYTHING. You delivered beyond every expectation - and my expectations were high. Thank you, you were born to do what you do!

We cannot begin to thank you for the images you captured on our day. even though we're a couple who are camera shy, you made us feel confident and made me feel beautiful! I am forever grateful for you.

both of our families can't stop talking about your photos. we feel like they belong on the cover of a magazine!

Jonathan & Sarah
You made our day so relaxed, easygoing, and so so special. we both adore you and your talent! (And your frenchie!)

Jing & Tom

She adores history, handwritten letters, old love songs, family photo albums, and heirlooms. He has a keepsake box of ticket stubs, postcards, and polaroids. 

They're Sentimentalists

She adores the thrill and beauty of life and lives for laughing with her fiance. He loves eating delicious food, and traveling to incredible places. They are a joy to be around and adore their family and friends.

lives life to the fullest

And has too many nicknames for them to count. They'll probably walk down the aisle with her, or at least are a big part of the engagement session.

They love TheIr dog(s)

Their grandparents and parents have places of honor at their wedding day and they can't wait for their parents to walk them down the aisle. His siblings are some of his favorite guests and she looks forward to her wedding as a family reunion for those she hasn't seen in a while.

Their family is the most important.

Their style is fashion forward and inspired. Colored couture gowns or matching patterned suits, the perfect pair of designer shoes, or an elaborate headpiece are all must-haves for their wedding day details. 

An eye for design



They value compassion, open-mindedness, and celebrating love for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation, race, or beliefs.

They believe in love & joy for all.


My goal is to make your wedding and engagement photos feel timeless, editorial, and incredibly personal to you & those you love. All wedding collections include an engagement session, an online gallery to share with family and friends, and at least eight hours of coverage. Additional photographers, albums, and extra hours are available for purchase in packages or a la carte.

wedding clients

typically invest
9 to 12k on their wedding package


Inquire with me




I'm based in New York and Paris, but absolutely love world travel. If you're planning a wedding, no matter the miles from my home base, let's connect. 

Weddings book fairly far in advance, but if you need a photographer – email me! Peak wedding season is May – October, and my weekends fill up fast. But there’s always a chance I might be able to help out last minute, or can direct you to another local photographer who can. If you’re planning a destination wedding and want to reach out to me way in advance, please do! That will help with travel logistics and blocking off the days around your date while we might be on our way to somewhere amazing.

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You are investing in someone who gives their all to create your very first family heirlooms. Wedding photography is a long, hard, intense job and I love it. I believe in emotion, in intimacy, and in photographing everything from the timeless family formals to the tiny details you’ll never want to forget. That’s why when you reach out, I want to start to become your friend. Tell me about your first date, what you love about eachother. How you met, or where you live. I’m going to be telling your story, but first I need the prologue.

I’m invested in you, both as individuals and as a couple. Want my opinion on dresses, engagement session locations, or a makeup trial? Need some help with wedding details but your friends are starting to become overwhelmed? No worries – I love this stuff. Send me an email, or let’s grab coffee. I’m happy to help.

I know it’s hard to avoid pinning all your favorite photos in an effort to recreate them on your wedding day, but I promise – your images will be a thousand times more genuine and authentic if we let them happen or unfold naturally. For this reason I do not allow shot lists beyond photos of family members – I don’t want to be focused on getting every single thing and missing potential real photos, and I promise I will remember to get a picture of your dress hanging up or your first dance.

I aim to have your photos delivered within 4 weeks of your wedding day, and I will always have a sneak peek up the day after. Images are sent to you and your guests via a private digital gallery for sharing, printing, and facebooking. I also send you and your partner the hi-resolution photographs via USB, so you have a secure backup.

I’m not talking a band, delicious cake, or something blue (although all of those are equally important). I’m talking personal details, love letters to each other, and time to be alone. I feel like sometimes my couples forget about themselves during wedding planning in an effort to plan an amazing celebration for their guests – so make an effort to include a sweet surprise for each other, to schedule a quick 10 minutes to sneak away after cocktail hour, or to include little nods to your love story through food, accessories, and music. There’s nothing more exciting for me to photograph, and those things always make the day even better for everyone.